A Difference of Dates

Why the issue date on your NSTC eCard, your Alaska Safety Alliance account may differ from your actual training date

January 30th 2020
By: Cari-Ann Carty

First off, don’t worry, this date hiccup is expected and everything is okay.

The excitement of being able to log in to the Alaska Safety Alliance (ASA) and see your NSTC completion information may be tempered with a seemingly small hiccup – the dates don’t match perfectly. The difference in the NSTC date displayed when you log in to your ASA account, and your actual NSTC completion date can be easily explained.

Since ASA manages but does not teach NSTC, we rely on instructors to send us their class rosters and student information. ASA staff collects the information from NSTC instructors then we input that information into the ASA system. The delay from class time to instructor reporting to import time is what causes the date discrepancy when you look up your completion date in your ASA account.

The NSTC date listed in your ASA account will correspond to the “Issue Date” printed on your first NSTC eCard. The Issue Date is the date an NSTC eCard is printed. Replacement NSTC eCards will have updated issue dates that will correspond to when those replacement cards were printed.

The good news is that the NSTC date discrepancy is nothing to worry about. Your NSTC temporary card and eCard will have your actual training completion date listed. Also, any replacement eCards will also list your actual completion date.

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