NSTC Card Information

The NSTC Office does not maintain or have cardholder training records.  However, if you are looking for either your first NSTC card or a replacement card, we can help you.

If you have never taken the NSTC Unescorted Course before, but are in need of an NSTC Card, you can contact any one of our Third Party Providers to take the Unescorted Course.  A complete list of the providers can be found here. Training schedules & fee information are posted on the Third Party Provider’s websites.

On the day of your class, please make sure to arrive on time, if not early.  The course will take approximately eight hours, and when you are finished you will receive your NSTC Card.

Please make a copy of your NSTC Card for your records, along with the date and location of your class.  If you lose your card, the copy will help you obtain a replacement card.

The NSTC Office does not schedule any NSTC courses, nor do they maintain schedules for the Third Party Providers.

Replacement & Lost Cards

If you have lost your NSTC Card and are in need of a replacement, please contact the Third Party Provider or employer where you originally took the Unescorted course. The APICC office does not maintain any records of NSTC card holders, and is unable to issue replacement cards at this time.

If a card holder is unable to recall where or when they took the class, they may have to retake the Unescorted course. It is strongly recommended individuals maintain a copy of their card, including information about the date and instructor who taught the course.

Replacement NSTC cards may be issued by the company of record, only after review of course rosters and confirmation of the individual’s original attendance. If these conditions can not be met, then the individual must retake the class.

Veterans Waiver Program

APICC has a Veterans Waiver Program.