Alaska’s nonprofit, regional, safety council

We’re the people who help your people get good people. We’re not a staffing agency. Rather, the Alaska Safety Alliance works with employers to help Alaskans find the training they need to be great employees in Alaska’s process industries, from oil and gas to maritime to construction.

An industry-driven organization, ASA was established by employers as the vehicle for industry collaboration in developing a trained and skilled local workforce.

We also provide safety-related training for employees and manage the North Slope Training Cooperative (NSTC), which develops and maintains standardized health, safety and environmental training programs for employees on Alaska’s North Slope and at industrial sites throughout the state.

ASA provides classroom and computer-based training for oil and gas, maritime, construction and other industry sectors. ASA strives to ensure all employees are knowledgeable and prepared to work safely in Alaska’s unique environment.

ASA utilizes a digital platform to track worker training. We partner with leading organizations, such as the National Safety Council and the Association of Reciprocal Safety Councils, to bring a comprehensive range of industry solutions. We simplify the training process for employers and ensure training is consistent and verifiable. We also create custom training to meet the evolving needs of industry leaders.

Our (Brief) History

We were formed as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation in 1999 as the Alaska Process Industry Careers Consortium (APICC). The original purpose of the organization was to promote education in process technology, establish standards and curricula for process-technology education, and generally promote educational and career pathways that lead to employment in the process industry.

In 2003, APICC began managing NSTC on behalf of the North Slope’s owner/operator companies. Over the past several years, our board of directors developed a strategic plan for growing the organization into a centralized body that could manage health and safety training, maintain training and credential records for and provide supporting services to operators and contractors across multiple industry sectors throughout Alaska.

The recently renamed Alaska Safety Alliance (ASA) continues to be a community-minded 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We are working collaboratively with industry and educators to create, connect and enhance the quality of industry training and education programs in Alaska with the goal of powering the Alaska economy with a skilled and dynamic workforce.

We preserved the name Alaska Process Industry Careers Consortium  (APICC) as a specific program housed within Alaska Safety Alliance. The APICC program will continue to be focused on career awareness and education outreach activities.