Alaska Maritime Sector

High dollar, blue collar careers in Maritime

Alaska’s maritime sector employs over 70,000 people, from our largest cities to our smallest villages. Almost half of these jobs are currently held by non-residents, and we’d like to change that! The maritime sector has a huge potential to positively impact the economies in many of our communities.

The Alaska Maritime Workforce Development Plan is a collaboration among industry and employers, training service providers, the State of Alaska and YOU! Together we can create a future that works!

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Alaska Maritime Workforce Development Plan

Goals of the Maritime Workforce Development Plan

  • To increase the number of Alaskans working in the skilled and well-paying maritime occupations.
  • To develop a responsive workforce, which will enable the maritime sector to remain a substantial contributor to the state’s economy.
  • To guide Alaska’s workforce to discover and prepare for the wide range of employment opportunities in the maritime sector.

5 Overarching Goals and 23 Priority Occupations

5 Overarching Goals: Click here for more information about the Overarching Goals being used to implement maritime workforce development strategies and actions.

23 Priority Occupations:  Click here for more information about the high-priority occupations identified. Our workforce development efforts will focus on these 23 occupations

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