Maritime Works

Maritime Works is a network of committed individuals and companies with a passion for Alaska’s maritime industry. From aquaculture to ship building and repair, maritime is Alaska’s largest employment sector, supporting more than 70,000 jobs. 

Maritime Works strives to implement the strategies identified in the Alaska Maritime Workforce Development Plan: growing awareness of the career opportunities, improving workforce readiness among Alaskans, creating training opportunities for marine occupations statewide, supporting employer recruitment and retention, and promoting sustained industry engagement.

The plan identifies 23 priority occupations in four subsectors of Alaska’s maritime industry: seafood harvesters, seafood processors, research, enhancement and management, and marine occupations and support industries. While the 23 occupations certainly represent only a small portion of all maritime employment, they rose to the top with regard to overall employment demand and a clear need for more Alaska workers.

The dedicated professionals of Maritime Works understand that workforce development requires ongoing commitment and collaboration. A strong Alaska workforce takes industry, community groups, government, and education and training providers working together to leverage resources and deliver efficient, effective programs. 

The diverse nature and sheer number of small businesses within the maritime sector pose challenges. Maritime Works provides an opportunity for all employers, workers and educators from all industry subsectors to actively engage with the implementation of the Alaska Maritime Workforce Development Plan. If you have an interest in becoming involved with Maritime Works, please call us at 907-770-5250.