Not Your Typical Registry System

March 3rd 2020
By: Mandy Beaulieu

NCCER’s Registry system is a robust platform. It doesn’t fit the mold of your typical data management system. It also is not your typical LMS (Learning Management System) or TMS (Training Management System). NCCER’s Registry system is as unique as NCCER is.

With many layers of complexity, the Registry system provides different levels of engagement depending on your needs and certifications. NCCER’s Registry system serves different needs for each end-user including employers, students/apprentices/craftsmen, NCCER Instructors, Performance Evaluators or Curriculum Proctors, NCCER Master Trainers, and NCCER sponsor representatives. Each designation will be able to have access to different areas in the registry system.

If you are a student/apprentice/craftsman who has completed one module or a full level of crafter training, you will have an account in the registry system that was created by your certified instructor. Here you will be able to see your training history, update your contact information, request a new wallet card or replacement certifications, as well as print out transcripts.

If you are an employer, you can go to the registry and verify someone’s training via the online verification tab. To use the online verification, you must have your perspective employees NCCER card number to verify training.

If you are a certified NCCER Craft Instructor, Curriculum Proctor, or Performance Evaluator, you will have an account within the registry system upon completion of certified training with a Master Trainer. This is where you will be able to keep track of your own certifications but will also be able to monitor your student/apprentice/craftsman training. You will also be able to access the online testing system to assign module exams and record performance profile sheets.

There are many benefits to the NCCER Registry System.
Here are just a few-

  • Documentation of an individual’s NCCER training and certifications, regardless of where the training may have geographically occurred.
  • Promotes a level of professionalism of the industry’s craft workforce by providing a means to nationally recognize the training accomplishments of the craftsperson.
  • Instant online access to current and potential employees’ training, certifications, and assessment history
  • Instant verification of credentials using NCCER’s Online Verification search tool
  • Training management tool for in-house training and testing
  • Timely transition of data to ISN for pipeline operator qualifications
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Mandy Beaulieu originally joined ASA as Program Manager for NCCER. As a subject matter expert in all things NCCER, Mandy has presented at multiple national conferences, and serves as a conduit between education, workforce development and industry. In 2019, Mandy was promoted to Director of Operations, where she oversees division managers to ensure daily operations of ASA run efficiently. Mandy helps develop business strategies to better serve ASA’s industry partners.

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