Services for the Frustrated Job Seeker

What the ASA Job Board has to Offer

March 17th 2020
By: Cari-Ann Carty

Job hunting can be one of THE MOST FRUSTRATING experiences a person can go through. Just figuring out what kind of job suits you is tricky enough. Then you have to find openings in that line of work. Then you have to convince the employers that you are the best person they could possibly hire. The entire process is daunting and can be full of rejection and disappointment.

That’s why the Alaska Safety Alliance has a job board that is more than just a basic place to find job listings. Like all good job boards you can use the “Advanced Search” to look for industry-specific jobs or search for jobs by location, but you can get far more out of using the ASA Job Board.

The ASA Job Board offers access to services in important areas such as career coaching, resume writing, and reference checking. To get a better idea of what each of these services has to offer, here is a short breakdown for each one.

Career Coaching
What is a career coach? How can they help me? A career coach is someone you hire to help you achieve your career goals. They can help you determine what your best skills are, explore career choices, transition between careers, and prepare for the career path you want to take. Through the ASA Job Board, you will have access to a team of certified coaches with varied backgrounds, training, and expertise. Visit the Career Coaching page to read through their profiles and select the right coach for you.

Resume Writing
Our resume writing services are made up of professionals who can help you completely revamp your resume or pinpoint ways to improve your current resume. Get help writing a resume that shows off your unique qualities and that stands out from the rest. They help every level of job seeker from entry to executive. For more information and pricing visit our resume page here.

Reference Checking
Have you ever wondered what your references are saying about you? With our reference checking service, you can hire a third-party professional to confidentially contact your past employers and find out if they are helping or hurting your job prospects. For more information and pricing for this service visit the reference checking page here.

These services could make a real difference in your job hunt. So make your life that much easier! Visit the ASA Job Board at