‘Tis the Season

December 24th 2019
By: Carrie Parashar

Every year around this time, 

whether hanging lights or cutting pine,

while thinking of all the good holiday times, 

the snow, the lights, the rosy red wine, 

with all those they love, they’re ready to dine, 

make more memories and have a great time! 

All but…

That group of nearly 15,000 who….

Every year experience some decorating snafoo!

And find themselves, in the Emergency Room!

We want your fires stoking, with no bones broken!

No job is so simple it can’t be done wrong, we hope you stay safe all season long!

The Alaska Safety Alliance wants you to remind you to stay safe this holiday season! 

(Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates roughly 14,700 people visit hospital emergency rooms each November and December from holiday decorating related accidents.) 

About Carrie Parashar

Carrie Parashar joins ASA with 12 years of experience supporting Alaska’s oil and gas industry, both on and off the North Slope. Since 2009, she has specialized in construction and operations health, safety and environmental training development and delivery, as well as compliance-database administration and project-turnover coordination. Carrie holds a Construction Health and Safety Technologist (CHST) certification and other training certifications. Prior North Slope experience includes field safety on Point Thomson, Skid 50, various pipeline-renewal projects and construction-turnover coordination.

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