What Your ASA Account can do for You

February 18th 2020
By: Cari-Ann Carty

The Alaska Safety Alliance (ASA) works with operators and employers across Alaska to provide workforce training. Individuals can set up an account with ASA to enroll in and track training. 

The most common training courses currently tracked by ASA include:

  • NSTC Unescorted and other NSTC courses
  • BP Induction
  • ConocoPhillips Permit to Work
  • Oil Search HSES
  • And more!

The Benefits of Registering with the Alaska Safety Alliance (ASA) 

Many Employers – One ASA account

Taking advantage of the next great job opportunity doesn’t have to mean leaving your training record behind. Your ASA account, with your training record, can follow you from one Alaska employer to the next making it easy to provide proof of the training you’ve already completed. 

Replacement Training Certificates and Cards

The days of having to retake training because of a lost or destroyed card can be gone! When you take a training with ASA it will be listed on your accessible online ASA account. WIth your ASA account, your training records are easy to keep track of and you can easily reprint a completion certificate or get a replacement training card. 

Automatic Reporting

Many operators and employers in Alaska can directly access ASA training records. By having access to training records they can give credit for training almost instantly. In some cases, there is no need to keep track of a certificate or a card because your training completion has been directly communicated. 

At ASA we hope to make safety and industry training easy and accessible with tracking and online tools to help you get to work quickly and safely. Welcome to the Alaska Safety Alliance!