Fishery Biologist

Ever wonder why fish do what fish do?

education requirements

BA/BS to PhD

expected salary range

$51K to $102K

training area


Studies fish, their habitats and behavior. Work is generally hands-on and performed in the fish’s natural environment, so lots of time spent on boats or in remote, aquatic locations. Also known as how other people spend their vacations. Requiring an appropriate college degree, a fishery biologist also plans, develops, directs, conducts and evaluates fisheries management/research projects. (And you thought being a scientist meant working in a laboratory.)

Here’s what you need:

  • Bachelor’s degree in fisheries, biology, biological or natural sciences required

Links to Job and Other Cool Info:

Here’s where you get it:

UAF BA FisheriesStatewide where there is a rural campusBAin person and distance (vcon)4 yrs
UAF BS Fisheries and Ocean SciencesStatewide where there is a rural campusBSin person and distance (vcon)4 yrs
UAF-UAS Joint BS Fisheries and Ocean SciencesJuneauBSin person4-5 yrs
UAF MS FisheriesFairbanks/Juneau CFOS and Statewide where there is a rural campusMSin person and distance (vcon)2-4 yrs
UAF PhD FisheriesFairbanks/Juneau CFOS and Statewide where there is a rural campusPhDin person and distance (vcon)4-5 yrs
UAS BA/BS BiologyJuneauBA/BSin person4-5 yrs
UAS BS Marine BiologyJuneauBSin person4-5 yrs
UAA BS Natural SciencesAnchorageBSin person4-5 yrs
UAA BA/BS Biological SciencesAnchorageBA/BSin person4-5 yrs
UAA PhD Biological SciencesAnchoragePhDin person2-4 yrs
UAF MS/PhD Biological SciencesFairbanksBA/BSin person4-5 yrs
UAF BA/BS Biological SciencesFairbanksBA/BSin person4-5 yrs