Fishery Biometrician

Use your powers for good.

education requirements

MS to PhD

expected salary range

$57K to $118K

training area


Develops and applies statistical and mathematical methodology to research and management of fisheries; participates in project-planning teams; helps Alaska meet statewide fish-management goals. This job is for big-picture thinkers who can analyze data from across a range of fisheries, studies and established plans to help formulate and review state policies. Pay attention in English class: You’ll need to author scientific papers.

Here’s what you need:

  • MS to PhD

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Here’s where you get it:

UAF MS FisheriesFairbanks/Juneau CFOS and Statewide where there is a rural campusMSin person and distance (vcon)2-4 yrs
UAF PhDFisheriesFairbanks/Juneau CFOS and Statewide where there is a rural campusPhDin person and distance (vcon)2-4 yrs
UAF MS StatisticsFairbanksMSin person2-4 yrs
UAA MS Biological SciencesAnchorageMSin person2-4 yrs
UAA PhD Biological SciencesAnchoragePhDin person2-4 yrs
UAF MS/PhD Biological SciencesFairbanksBA/BSin person4-5 yrs