As seen on TV.

education requirements


expected salary range

$20K to $100k

training area


“Seafood harvester” is a technical way to say “commercial fisherman.” From Deckhand to Mechanic to Captain, jobs are all onboard, from small skiffs with two people to big ships with 100 or more crew members. Duties range from attaching nets to sorting fish to repairing engines. It’s a lot of work with a lot of adventure. This is a great career with great income for dependable people. Bring a jacket.

Here’s what you need:

  • High School Diploma or GED required
  • Industry training and certification, business management certificate or degree, and/or entrepreneurship training recommended

Here’s where you get it:

UAF Bristol Bay RSW Marine Refrigeration Operator King Salmon and StatewideCertificateVaries
USCG Drill Conductor CourseStatewideNoin person10 hours
Alaska FishBizStatewideNoVaries
Homer Marine Trades AssocationHomerNoVaries
Maritime ProgramUAA Kodiak CollegeVariousVaries
Outboard Repair and MaintenanceUAF Bristol Bay Campus – King SalmonNoVaries
Diesel Engine Repair and MaintenanceUAF Bristol Bay Campus – King SalmonNoVaries
AK Young Fishermen’s SummitAnchorage and JuneauNo3 days
Business of FishingUAF Bristol Bay Campus – King SalmonNo1 day
Vessel System OverviewUAA Kodiak CollegeCertificate12 hours
Outboard Repair and MaintenanceUAA Kodiak CollegeCertificate16 hours
DC Electrical for VesselsUAA Kodiak CollegeCertificate12 hours
Troubleshooting GaugesUAA Kodiak CollegeCertificate4 hours
Gill Net ConstructionUAA Kodiak CollegeCertificate48 hours
Web MendingUAA Kodiak CollegeCertificatein person6 hours
Refrigerated Sea Water RSWUAA Kodiak CollegeCertificate14 hours
Marine Electric/Boat OwnersUAS Ketchikan CampusCertificate5 days
Diesel Engines SimplifiedUAS Ketchikan CampusCertificate45 hours
Diesel Fuel SystemsUAS Ketchikan CampusCertificate60 hours
Basic HydraulicsUAS Ketchikan CampusCertificate45 hours
AC Power GenerationUAS Ketchikan CampusNo45 hours
Marine Electric for Boat OwnersUAS Ketchikan CampusNo15 hours
Basic RefrigerationUAS Ketchikan CampusNo15 hours
Advanced HydraulicsUAS Ketchikan CampusNo45 hours
Net Mending and SplicingUAA/KPC Kachemak Bay Campus – HomerCertificate3 hours
Seafood Processor Orientation and Safety CourseAVTEC – SewardAVTEC8 days
Navigating Kachemak BayUAA/KPC Kachemak Bay Campus – HomerCertificate6 days