Shellfish Farmer

Shrimp and oysters and clams, oh my.

education requirements


expected salary range

$26K to $39k

training area


Grow, harvest and market shellfish. How? Generally, you’ll buy or collect juvenile shellfish, put them in special nets anchored in the ocean or plant them on a beach, where they feed by filtering Alaska’s high-quality plankton. Keep them clean and protected from predators while they grow, then ship them off to a grocery store somewhere far, far away. Bam! You’re a shellfish farmer.

Here’s what you need:

  • High school diploma or GED required

Here’s how to get it:

Alaska Sea Grant Aquaculture Resources: Publications, presentations, videos, and helpful linksStatewideNoOnlineVaries
Alaska Shellfish Growers Association Annual ConferenceStatewide – Location VariesNoLecture/Lab3 days