Refrigeration Engineer

It’s like being a doctor – of fish storage.

education requirements

HS/GED and Certification

expected salary range

$43K to $72k

training area


Refrigeration engineering and repair is a specialized field that’s Greek to other engineers. Duties include operating/tending equipment used to freeze seafood or produce ice for keeping seafood fresh, often at seafood-processing plants and onboard ships. You’ll have an important job – because it takes a lot of money and hard work to fill those cold-storage units. And that means you’ve got a great career.

Here’s what you need:

  • High school diploma or GED required
  • Industry training certification required

Here’s where you get it:

ApprenticeshipLocal union 23 – AnchorageApprenticeshipJourneyman CardLecture/Lab4 years
ApprenticeshipABC Of AlaskaApprenticeshipJourneyman CardLecture/Lab4 years