Mechanical Engineer

For the hands-on brainiac who loves adventure.

education requirements


expected salary range

$83K to $193K

training area


Conceives and designs machines and systems for propulsion, environmental protection and other onboard applications. Also oversees the installation of all that and teaches the ship’s crew how to use and maintain it. In other words, you’re the person who makes the big, floating thing move in a forward direction (whether you’re on it or not).

Here’s what you need:

  • Bachelor’s Degree required

Here’s what you get it:

UAA – BS Mechanical EngineeringUAA – AnchorageBSNo4-5 years
UAF – BS Mechanical EngineeringUAF – FairbanksBSNo4-5 years
UAA – MS Mechanical EngineeringUAA – AnchorageMSNo2-4 years
UAF – MS Mechanical EngineeringUAF – FairbanksMSNo2-4 years
UAF – Ph.D. Mechanical EngineeringUAF – FairbanksPh.D.No2-4 years