Charter Boat Captain

This is what other people call “vacation.”

education requirements

HS/GED and Industry Training Certification

expected salary range

$20K to $80K

training area


Operates boats carrying passengers. Responsible for operation of the entire vessel and safety of all persons on board. There are two positions within this job class: the Entry-level license allows for up to six paying customers on a vessel smaller than 100 gross tons, and the Master 100-gross-ton license focuses on ferry services and large, whale-watching boats carrying 150-250 passengers. Just think: most people pay to do this once in their lifetime. You get to do it every day.

Here’s what you need:

  • High school diploma or GED required
  • Industry training certification required

Here’s where you get it:

Assistance TowingAVTEC – SewardNoUSCG1 day
Deckhand SkillsUAA/KPC Kachemak Bay Campus – HomerNoCertificate of Completion3 days
FCC Marine Radio Op.AVTEC – SewardNoFCC1 day
Marine TransportationUAS Ketchikan CampusAASUSCG2-3 years
Marine TransportationUAS Ketchikan CampusOECUSCG1 year
Master 100 Ton/OUPVUAA/KPC Kachemak Bay Campus – HomerNoUSCG4 weeks/80 hours
Master 100 Ton/OUPVUAS Ketchikan CampusNoUSCG2 weeks
Master/Mate 200 TonAVTEC – SewardNoUSCG4 weeks
Operator of an Uninspected Vessel (OUPV)AVTEC – SewardNoUSCG3 days
Radar Observer RecertAVTEC – SewardNoUSCG1 day
Radar Observer RefresherAVTEC – SewardNoUSCG3 days
Radar Observer RefresherUAS Ketchikan CampusNoUSCG3 days
Radar Observer UnlimitedAVTEC – SewardNoUSCG1 week
Radar Observer UnlimitedUAS Ketchikan CampusNoUSCG1 week
Small Vessel OperatorUAS Ketchikan CampusNoNo3 days
Upgrade to 200 Ton Master/MateUAS Ketchikan CampusNoUSCG3 days
Able SeamanAVTEC – SewardNoPre-Req for 100 Ton10 days
Basic TrainingAVTEC – SewardNoUSCG5 days
Proficiency in Survival CraftAVTEC – SewardNoUSCG4 days
Vessel Security OfficerAVTEC – SewardNoUSCG2 days
Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vehicles (Restricted) or ROUPVAVTEC – SewardNoUSCG3 days
Fishing Vessel Drill Conductor CertificationAlaska Marine Safety Education AssociationNoUSCG Drill Conductor Card2 days

AMEC is a 2021 Center of Excellence for Domestic Maritime Workforce Training and Education (CoE).

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