Alaska Workforce Development “Students of Integrity” Scholarship sponsored by Alaska Safety Alliance

ASA is the regional sponsor for Alaska Workforce Development “Students of Integrity” BBB scholarship!

All of the scholarships being offered include $5,000 to the creator of a winning video essay and six $2,000 scholarships to students with winning written essays. High school juniors and seniors in Alaska and throughout the Northwest and Pacific are encouraged to apply. Visit for more information. The deadline to apply is March 20, so give it your best shot.

BP Process Technology Scholarship Program.

APICC coordinated the application process and administered the BP Process Technology Scholarship Program in partnership with BP Alaska until 2019.

Starting in 2020 the BP Process Technology Scholarship will no longer be offered.

Thank you, BP, for supporting the students of the University of Alaska Process Technology Degree Program for more than 20 years.

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