Spring Clean Your Resume

April 14th 2020
By: Cari-Ann Carty

Resume Cleaning

Spring is a time for new beginnings and for many people that usually involves cleaning out the dust and junk that has accumulated over winter. Why not take that same spring cleaning attitude and apply it to other things?

If you are looking for a job, now is a great time to review your old resume and check for any information that needs updating. Of course add your most recent work history, but also be sure to add any recent activities like volunteer work, training and continuing education, awards, publications, and other noteworthy accomplishments. Make sure your address, phone, and email are all current.

Consider including a ‘General Skills’ section which does not connect to any specific job. Think back on any new skills you’ve acquired since the last time you updated your resume. Did your previous job expand your skill set, or did you learn any new programs or processes? Even something like helping at your child’s school fundraiser could have helped you discover a new talent or develop a skill in the making. Whatever you add or edit on your resume – Just be sure you can legitimately back up any details during an interview, and think of specific examples to share.

Make sure your resume is clean and neat, easy to look at with the most important information toward the top of the page. Bullet points work better than paragraphs for giving specific details relating to a job. Use a template if you’re having trouble getting the formatting right – There’s lots available for free online! You can also create multiple resumes geared for different types of jobs. For instance, if you are applying to jobs in education and jobs in administration, you can have a specialized resume for each.

Some Things to Remember While Job Hunting

1). Go for it! Take advantage of available resources. Many people either don’t know certain resources are out there, or they hear about them but don’t follow up. Here are some great websites to get you started:

Alaska Job Center Network: jobs.alaska.gov/jobfairs/
Workplace Alaska: www.governmentjobs.com/careers/alaska
Alaska Career Information System (AKCIS): acpe.alaska.gov/PLANNING/AKCIS

2) Focus! Having a lot of resources is great but can also be overwhelming. Explore your options and prioritize the ones you think will be the most helpful. Tackle your resources one at a time. You don’t have to get everything done in one day. Schedule time to work on job hunting and give each resource and opportunity your attention.

3) Stay Organized! Keep track of resources you’ve used, and know where to find any helpful information, documents you’ve created or files you’ve saved. Keep a log of jobs you applied to and when you applied, and update the information and dates when you hear back from potential employers. Follow up on unsuccessful applications to get information on what the employer was looking for – You can then use this knowledge when pursuing similar job openings.

The Alaska Safety Alliance Job Board is another great resource to help with your job hunt. After you register for a free account, you will have access to ASA Job Board features including the ability to store your resume for future applications, create job alerts so you know when a specific job is posted, track your applications, and create a detailed ASA Job Board Profile.

You also get access to other job services – Read our previous blog article “Services for the Frustrated Job Seeker” to learn more.

Visit the ASA Job Board at jobs.alaskasafetyalliance.org/jobseekers/ to get started.

Polish that resume until it shines, but more importantly, don’t give up! Keep looking for that job that is right for you.