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YES! Employability Skills

Want a Great Career?

Helping students become “Postsecondary and Career Ready” involves more than academic proficiency. Educators and employers have identified a need to integrate common skills, often referred to as soft skills, employability skills, essential skills, professional attributes, and SCAN Skills. Whatever term you use, Alaska’s young people need to be able to understand and apply concepts like time management, teamwork, dependability, responsibility, and respect for others.

As a way to better prepare young people for jobs and the world of work, together with our partners, APICC developed YES! Employability Skills certification project. Representatives from business, industry, and education were actively engaged in the YES! initiative, attending a series of summits across Alaska. Their work resulted in a statewide educational certificate awarded to students who, through employment or volunteer activities, were able to demonstrate a high level of proficiency in Employability Skills.

Download the YES! poster here.

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